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In 2009 the Global Social Business Summit was held for the first time as an initiative by Professor Muhammad Yunus and his creative advisor Hans Reitz. In 2009 as well as in 2010 the Autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany was host to the Global Social Business Summit, where around 350 guests from more than 50 countries coming from companies, universities, governments, NGOs and media gathered to network and exchange expertise with the global social business community.

Professor Muhammad Yunus

Professor Muhammad Yunus is the founder of the Grameen Bank, which currently has almost 2,500 branches providing loans to more than 8,3 million borrowers in more than 80,000 villages in Bangladesh. He developed the concept which is at the core of Grameen Bank: banking without collateral for the poorest of the poor. This business model also became the paradigm for numerous microfinance initiatives worldwide and is considered as the „mother“ of the social business concept. Grameen Bank borrowers are also the owners of the bank. Prof. Yunus and the Grameen Bank were together awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. He is also founder of around 40 other social businesses, companies and other organisations that all have the Goal to alleviate Poverty.

Grameen Creative Lab

The Grameen Creative Lab (GCL) is a Joint Venture between the Yunus Centre and circ Responsibility, founded by Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and Hans Reitz, founder and creative director of circ. Their shared vision is the eradication of poverty – globally. The Grameen Creative Lab is designed to accelerate and spread the Yunus spirit of social business.

• GCL interacts with the interest community through communication and events on
social business.
• GCL incubates social business ideas by initiating academic research, conducting
social business experiments and accompanying social business initiatives on
their way towards self-reliance.
• GCL consults by advising companies, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations and
governments on how to set up and support social businesses, and assists investors
wishing to create social business funds.
• GCL runs and owns social businesses, thereby accelerating the creation of social
businesses and best practice examples.

Yunus Centre

The Yunus Centre is the hub of all global activities focused on social business which are centred around the Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. The Yunus Centre inter-connects all the initiatives taken in various countries within diverse structural formats such as Grameen Creative Labs, Institutes of Social Businesses, Yunus Centres, Yunus Chairs, Social Business Chairs, Social Action Groups, Social business Design Centres, Social business Funds, microcredit initiatives, healthcare initiatives, environmental initiatives, etc. with the ultimate goal to eradicate poverty worldwide.


Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Peace Nobel Prize Laureate
Founder of Grameen Bank

Hans Reitz
Creative Advisor to Prof. Yunus
Founder and Managing Director of The Grameen Creative Lab
Founding Members

Lamiya Morshed
CEO of Yunus Centre
Yunus Centre, Dhaka

Saskia Thais Bruysten
Strategic Director of The Grameen Creative Lab
The Grameen Creative Lab
YY Global Social Business Summit 2011 Core Team

Verena Marquardt
VIP and Participation Mgmt
The Grameen Creative Lab

Jörn Siegele
Logistics and Partnerships
The Grameen Creative Lab

Christina Jäger
Communications and PR
The Grameen Creative Lab

Daniel Nowack
Content Management
The Grameen Creative Lab

Leonhard Nima
The Grameen Creative Lab
YY Grameen Creative Lab Team

Aarti Wig
YY Mumbai

Claudine Francois
Country Director Haiti

Martin Löffler
Project Lead Caldas

Felipe Valencia-Dongo
Youth Engagement

Ivana Konjicija
Human Resources

Alexis Rawlinson
Social Business Funds
YY GSBS Supporter and Advisors

Prof. Masaharu Okada
Executive Director
GCL@Kyushu University

Sophie Eisenmann
The Grameen Creative Lab

Karim Jalloul
Advisor to the Board
Erste Wiener Hotel AG

Selma Prodanovic
Founder of Brainswork
Initiator Incredible Europe